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Marisector also publishes its books on maritime security.  There are currently 6 titles available.

Concepts in Maritime Tactics:  The maritime industry is not the military. This book is loaded with useful information to assist workers, managers, owners, and professional security personnel perform competently in their merchant marine assignments.  The book is filled with tactics to deal with threats from pirates, terrorists, criminals, and civil unrest at sea, in port, and at offshore facilities.  The book can be considered a foundational book suitable to keep aboard as a reference.  Many of the tactics and methods have been successfully tested at sea over an eight year period in regions ranging from the South China Sea to both coasts of Africa.  The remainder have been taken from a number of respected sources and applied to the specific needs of the merchant fleet.  This book is totally unique.                     


Security for Recreational and Charter Yachts:  This book was designed for use by sail and power yacht owners and their guests.  Recreational and charter yachts have unique requirements that begin with their construction for aesthetics and the enjoyment of their occupants rather than carrying out commerce and work.  Interactions with communities and port facilities ashore tend to be quite different than in the commercial industry.  This book will help the yachtsman cope with current threats and prepare for the dynamics of security that leads to the evolution of threats.

Awareness for Maritime Security and Safety:  The maritime industry works in the most hazardous environment on earth.  Through this environment passes over ninety percent of the world’s commerce, and commerce equals riches.  Because of the hazardous environment, the attraction of wealth to some unscrupulous individuals, and the availability of choice targets for terrorism, those who work in and around the industry should be aware of these hazards and be able to describe them to the appropriate authorities.  This book is intended to help the public who live near or work in the maritime industry become effective observers and cope with the hazards in and around the industry.                                


Basic Course in Maritime Security:  This is the manual for a course of instruction for use in training maritime professionals assigned maritime security duties whether aboard ship or ashore.  It is loaded with the information necessary to understand and cope with piracy, terrorism, crime, and civil unrest.  The course is also a familiarization source for working in an armed offshore environment.  This is a no nonsense manual for a no nonsense course.  The book deals with such topics as the use of a ship’s systems in defense, searches, various attacks and defensive methods, and the handling of a support vessel in a security role.                                         

Shipboard Security Team Officer/Leader:  This is the manual for a course of instruction for use in training maritime professionals assigned to maritime security leadership duties aboard ship or ashore.   

  • Many security leaders assigned to ships have been hired for their weapons capabilities and not their familiarity with the maritime industry.  This has led to errors in which innocents have been killed.  This is a problem that this manual helps resolve.  
  • Leadership in a multi-cultural environment requires a unique set of learned skills.  The teaching of these skills is an essential factor for successful training on any vessel.  This manual supports many of these training skills. 
  • In this manual are additional tactics, a tested decision making process, a discussion about where a leader’s authorities are codified along with various explanatory excerpts.

Firearms in the Maritime, Practical Tactics:  Much has been said about the capabilities of defensive fire in the maritime industry.  Most of the comments have been negative.  To meet the needs of the maritime industry Castle Shipboard Security Program provides a university certificated training program to develop the skills unique to this industry.  In an industry over 4000 years old with traditions dating back prior to standing armies and navies, it is essential that security personnel understand the industry’s interactions and needs.  Engagements at 200 or more meters are often inappropriate, yet this is the military norm familiar to most security personnel.  This manual is for use by maritime personnel assigned to armed duty and as pre-deployment training for maritime security personnel.  


Copies can be purchased through Kindle or Amazon.
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