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Marisector LLC



Marisector LLC, our name says it all.  Marisector is Maritime-Sector.  We are consulting specialists who try to provide in depth support for the maritime industry through expert teams of professionals meeting a wide range of client needs.  Our teams include educators, security professionals, insurance professionals, and funding specialists.  We offer new methods to meet an uncertain business environment.

 Marisector’s primary thrust is educational support to the maritime industry.  Our educational services include a unique line of books designed to provide needed security and defense knowledge and expertise for the maritime industry.  For qualified applicants who desire an exciting and meaningful career, we offer the maritime track of the Master’s Degree in Maritime Disaster and Emergency Preparedness at Nova Southeastern University. 

Marisector LLC offers effective training support solutions to counter piracy, terrorism, crime, and civil unrest in the maritime, while other companies try to use antiquated training methods and materials with limited success, sometimes resulting in lethal errors.

If you are a/an:

·        Private maritime security specialist or security company supporting maritime contracts,

·        Maritime academy, college, university, or labor organization,

·        Operator of vessels, port facilities, or offshore facilities with security concerns, or

·        Agency or authority needing specialized security training materials and curriculums designed specifically for the maritime industry,

Contact us for:

·        Our books and manuals on maritime security and defense.

·        Licensing of maritime security and defense curriculums.

·        Support on maritime risk management, insurance, and funding.

·        Security assessment and quality assurance reviews.

·        Arranging for complete training and tactical support packages.

·        Speaking engagements.

Marisector’s President, Capt. Jeffrey L. Kuhlman, speaks regularly to civic organizations as well as law enforcement and government agency personnel.  He has become an expert in maritime security and defense techniques and the author of several books on the topic.  Marisector’s newest endeavor is the provision of security plan development and training for churches and synagogues.

There are many services who deal in the “norm”. When a client has an unusual or difficult requirement, Marisector LLC is worth a call, 954-528-1064.

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